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The Fill Your Books platform was founded on one simple premise, and that is growth. Growing is one of the most unique elements in life and business, it forces us to leave an old version of ourselves in the past while embracing the challenges that come with our new self. In order to grow you must step out of your comfort zone, and that is how Fill Your Books started.


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Diamonds are created under pressure, right?

Well yes, but we don’t really consider ourselves the “diamond” bunch… we are fighting for the underdogs, the outcasts and the every-day professionals.

Fill Your Books was born naturally and it was the result of being faced with adversity. When we abruptly moved across the entire country just a few years ago I had to re-start my career as a hairstylist. It’s not easy, and I went for the comfortable option and took a position at a super corporate salon. Within months I realized this was not the place for me I was exhausted and questioning my hair career… I was barely making enough money to pay bills, I was working way too many hours and I had to deal with clients who did not respect my expertise.

Long Story Short...

I quit that place and I took a leap of faith in myself and rented my own space to build my hair business. Except I barely had any clients and had no clue how to grow my business…

In fact I was on the verge of having to end my lease and return to my old job. One night me and this guy you see in the photo above (my fiancé) put our brains together and created the “system” that completely changed my career, along with so many of our students now.

Within 30 days of building this system I had over 100 clients asking to book hair services with me… that’s a LOT for an independent professional. Want to hear the whole story? Watch our latest free class below!